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Welcome to 7FoodPillars Articles Section. In our list below, you will find the articles that focus on different food safety topics and industry news.

Date Title
 Apr 28,2021 Fake Halal Meat Penetrated Malaysian Market
 Nov 19,2020 Traces of Pork DNA Found in Cuttlefish and Prawn Balls in Singapore
 Feb 14,2020 Consumer Group Issues Warning That Fish May Be Non-Halal
 Jan 13,2020 Popular High Protein Chocolate Bars Banned In Qatar
Jul 10,2019 Shocking News: Non-halal Ingredients Found in “Boba” Drinks in Selangor
May 10,2019 Childhood Candy “White Rabbit” Might Not Be Halal
Nov 9,2018 After JAIS Raid, Food Factory in Puchong caught using fake Halal logo without Permission
Nov 24,2017 Pork Gelatin in Apple Juices: Vegan Activists Help Halal Consumers in Germany
Nov 20,2017 Is your Gelatin Based Food Halal?
July 21,2017 Mixed Containers of Imported Halal and Non-Halal Meat
July 3,2017 Halal Gelatin From Camel
May 26, 2017 Food Fraud and the Importance of Educated Consumer towards Advancing in Halal Standards
Feb 23, 2017 351,000 People Die of Food Poisoning Globally Every Year
Oct 16, 2015 How to detect paintbrushes made from pig bristles?

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