Halal Detection Kits

“Halal” is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permissible in accordance to Islamic law. Halalan toyyiban food means any food which is not harmful and safe to be consumed as underlined by the Syariah law. Food safety is one of the key determinants in assuring halalan toyyibban which resembles wholesome (safe, clean, nutritious, quality) aspects of the food. Besides being free from forbidden ingredients such as pork and alcohol, food must be healthy, nutritious and of good quality for compliance to halalan toyyiban.

With the increasing population of Muslim population which is currently accounts for quarter of world’s population, the capability to offer safe and wholesome food is a global concern. Most consumers are unaware that animal-by-products and harmful ingredients are used by food manufacturers as additives and ingredients. The demand for reliable Halal food analysis has been emerging among consumers, manufacturers, certification bodies and regulators to help ensuring every aspect of food, including ingredients, processing and handling is in accordance to Halal requirement.

Introducing PorcineTrace Detection Kits

7FoodPillars has been developing extensive range of testing solution ranging from lateral flow screening tools up to molecular testing kits to access Halal food integrity for different matrices including raw meat, processed meat, gelatin, oil and fat and etc.

Our PorcineTrace Detection Kit product line comprises full-fledged products covering rapid test kits, PCR kits and real-time PCR kits with different specification of detection limits and assay time to meet different requirement of end-users.

We are committed to provide latest technologies and reliable testing solution with improved efficiency in assessment of Halal food integrity.

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