Traces of Pork DNA Found in Cuttlefish and Prawn Balls in Singapore

A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) found presence of pig DNA in cuttlefish and prawn balls manufactured by a seafood brand in Singapore.

The researchers discovered that all five samples of the same seafood brand were contaminated with pork DNA, which were bought at different times and places. “We have detected porcine DNA in fish ball products which are not halal-certified. The presence of porcine DNA in these non-halal products could be due to manufacturing processes. For example, a food manufacturing plant may produce a wide range of products, including seafood and pork products. As such, trace levels of porcine DNA may be introduced into the seafood products,” Singapore Food Agency said.

The discovery of pig DNA in seafood products highlighted the need for regular testing of heavily processed, multi-species food samples. PorcineTrace PCR Kits and Real-time PCR Kits from 7FoodPillars are optimized to detect pork DNA with 100% specificity & sensitivity.7FoodPillars is committed to provide latest technologies and reliable testing solution with improved efficiency in assessment of Halal food integrity. All testing kits from ProcineTrace product line are validated by ISO17025 accredited laboratory, to ensure the highest level of quality standards are met from batch to batch.

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1)     Today Singapore. Pig DNA found in cuttlefish and prawn balls: NUS researchers. Accessed on 19th August 2020.

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