Shocking News: Non-halal Ingredients Found in “Boba” Drinks in Selangor

Boba fans especially Muslim boba fans will be disappointed as authorities from Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) discovered that few of these establishments were selling boba drinks containing non-halal ingredients.

“Boba” or bubble tea took Malaysia by storm these past few years and became one of the most consumed drinks in the whole country, with the number of boba lovers constantly increasing each day. Boba is a tea-based drink, which originated from Taiwan, and it contains “pearls” which are chewy tapioca balls.

Jais halal management section chief assistant director commented that most of the ingredients were imported from Taiwan and it was found that they did not have any halal certification logo. She also urged the establishments to remove any halal logos from other countries as they are not recognised in Malaysia.

Luckily for these establishments and other establishments as well, 7FoodPillars readily provides halal detection kits such as PorcineTrace PCR and Real-time PCR kits to ensure that the food is free from non-halal ingredients such as pork. These PCR and Real-time PCR kits have 100% specificity and sensitivity and this guarantees reliable results. It can also be used in a wide range of food samples such as raw or processed meat, gelatin, and fat. 7FoodPillars aims to ensure that our clients’ food is safe in terms of halal, while meeting their expectations.

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