Consumer Group Issues Warning That Fish May Be Non-Halal

In George Town, Penang, the Penang Consumers Association (CAP) reported that muslims should be careful when eating fish because certain farms are using non-halal animal by-products to feed the fishes.

This is because the CAP president claimed that in the past, there were cases of fish farms using swine meat and organs as fish feed. It was reported that in 2009, some fish farms around Malaysia were found to have used wastewater from swine farms in their fish feed. In 2013, a similar case occurred in which a fish farmer was convicted of feeding his cultivated fish with pig intestines.

The Malaysian National Fatwa Council decreed that animals fed with non-halal feed are haram. On the other hand, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) announced that animal feeds are unverifiable products. This becomes a problem for our fellow muslims as 40% of feed manufacturers in Malaysia use mixed animal-based materials in animal feed.

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