Childhood Candy “White Rabbit” Might Not Be Halal

Fans of the popular White Rabbit candy may be in shock as authorities from Ministry of Religious Affairs of Brunei (MoRA) declared that this candy contains pig proteins and thus, it is not halal in Brunei.

Due to the discovery made by MoRA, the Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) in Malaysia announced that they will be conducting tests on the White Rabbit candy. Not only is this action due to MoRA’s discovery, but the Ministry in charge of Islamic Affairs also noted the absence of the halal logo on the candy.

Halal, which means permissible, is the dietary standard for Muslims. It is commonly used for food products, meat products, cosmetics, and food ingredients. Halal foods are those that do not contain components that Muslims are prohibited from consuming and is processed according to Islamic law.

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