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PorcineTrace ELISA Kit–Processed Meat/Canned Food


PorcineTrace ELISA Kit – Processed Meat/Canned Food provides an excellent methodology to detect porcine meat contamination in processed/canned products such as meatball, patties, sardine, canned curry, corned beef and etc. The assay is sensitive and specific to porcine meat; fast and able to run multiple samples simultaneously; simple sample preparation and only requires minimal sample volume.

Porcine-specific monoclonal antibody used in the assay is targeting a heat-stable protein. The protein will not denature even it is exposed to high temperature for long time. It is proven that the protein can be detected even the sample is severely heated (132°C, 2 hours). Therefore, it is suitable for testing wide range of food products that are available in the market

Key Features

  • Able to detect heat-stable protein (up to 132°C)
  • Higher specificity with the use of porcine-specific monoclonal antibodies
  • User friendly and highly sensitive assay developed in sandwich ELISA method
  • Up to 45 tests in duplicate per kit

Reagents and Materials Supplied

  1. Microplate (96-well), pre-coated with porcine meat-specific antibody (1 piece)
  2. Sample diluents buffer, ready-to-use (1x100ml)
  3. Wash buffer, 10x (1x30ml)
  4. Biotin-conjugated anti-porcine meat antibody, ready-to-use (1x100ml)
  5. Streptavidin HRP, ready-to-use (1x10ml)
  6. TMB substrate, ready-to-use (1x10ml)
  7. Stop solution, ready-to-use (1x10ml)
  8. Positive control, ready-to-use (1x10ml)
  9. Negative control, ready-to-use (1x10ml)
  10. Instruction manual (product insert) (1 copy)

Detection Limit

The test can detect approximately 0.1% (w/w) of porcine meat antigen adulterated in chicken and beef mixtures. The test is able to detect processed pork meat as low as 0.1 mg in 1.0 ml of sample diluents.

Sensitivity and Specificity

A study carried out using a total of 20 known samples and statistical analysis reported Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value and Negative Predictive Value of 99-100%.

Storage & Stability

Store at 2-8ºC. Allow to warm up to room temperature (18-25oC) before use.

Interpretation of Results

Positive for Pork Contamination: P/N value equal or above 1.3
Negative for Pork Contamination: P/N value below 1.3

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Pack Size
EHAL01-02-096 PorcineTrace ELISA Kit – Processed Meat/Canned Food 96 tests/ kit


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