PorcineTrace ELISA Kit


PorcineTrace ELISA Kit


PorcineTrace ELISA Kits provide an excellent methodology to detect trace amounts of pork contamination in food samples in various matrices ranging from raw meat, processed meat/ canned food, fat/ oil, gelatin, blood and blood derivatives, based on sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

The assay uses porcine-specific monoclonal antibody which is targeting a heat-stable protein. It is proven that heat treatment of meat samples up to 132 °C for 2 hours did not affect the assay performance. Therefore, it is suitable for testing wide range of food products that are available in the market.

Key Features

  • Able to detect heat-stable protein (up to 132oC)
  • Higher specificity with the use of porcine-specific monoclonal antibodies
  • User friendly and highly sensitive assay developed in sandwich ELISA method
  • Up to 45 tests in duplicate per kit

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Pack Size
EHAL01-01-096 PorcineTrace ELISA Kit – Raw Meat 96 tests/ kit
EHAL01-02-096 PorcineTrace ELISA Kit – Processed Meat/Canned Food 96 tests/ kit
EHAL01-03-096 PorcineTrace ELISA Kit – Fat/Oil 96 tests/ kit ~ Coming soon!
EHAL01-04-096 PorcineTrace ELISA Kit – Blood and Blood Derivatives 96 tests/ kit ~ Coming soon!
EHAL01-05-096 PorcineTrace ELISA Kit – Gelatin 96 tests/ kit

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