Launch of HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test at PIHEC 2017

24 Jan 2017

Ever doubt if the food and food ingredients you consume daily such as ice-cream, capsules, jelly, gummies, marshmallow, seasoning, meat based frozen food, chocolates – are PORK-FREE? Worry no more, now you can SELF-TEST by using HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test (HALTEST)!

7FoodPillars is excited to announce the new launch of HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test at PIHEC 2017 on 24 Feb 2017. Specially designed for end consumer market, HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test provides an accurate, fast and portable way of detecting pork derivatives or traces in your food you taken every day, within 10-20 minutes!

There are four types of dipstick tests available, designed to test on different sample range such as raw meat, processed meat or canned food, gelatin and last but not least – surface swab as well. It’s easy to use and can be used by non-technical personnel. Simply add the sample into testing solution supplied, shake well, dip the test strip briefly and you may view the results on-the-spot within 10-20 minutes! If two red lines appear at the strip, this indicates that the sample is contaminated with pork.

With slim and light design, HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test is very travel friendly, allowing you to self-test anytime, anywhere! Now, you can increase confidence level in daily food preparation before consumption and protect your family from taking HARAM ingredient in their diet!

Watch the video on how HALTEST works! 

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