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351,000 People Die of Food Poisoning Globally Every Year

Oct 16, 2015

Food safety has raised global concern with millions of foodborne diseases recorded in 2010.

World Health Organization reveals alarming gures on food safety.

New Data from Word Health Organization (WHO) indicates the growing problem of food-borne illness around the

582 million cases reported related to 22 foodborne-diseases experienced in 2010
351,000 deaths reported related to contaminated food
52,000 deaths caused by Salmonella
37,000 deaths caused by E.coli
35,000 deaths caused by norovirus (a virus that is the leading cause of disease outbreaks from contaminated food in the United States)
40% of the kids under the age 5 suffered from food-borne disease

The WHO says that foods can contain unsafe viruses and bacteria, which can be contracted from consuming
under cooked animal meat, fruit and vegetables contaminated with feces, and toxin-lled shellsh.

Governments on the global and national level need to implement measures to protect against food
contamination, and respond quickly to food-related outbreaks. Consumers should make sure they practice
properly food handing and cooking hygiene.

“This year, it will be focusing on food safety”, says WHO at World Health Day on April 7. WHO will be releasing
its full report on the state of food-borne illness worldwide in Oct. 2015.

Alexandra Sifferlin (April 2, 2015) The Time, Available at:

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