PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Fat

PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Fat is an immunochromatographic assay designed for fast screening of pork in fat based food. It is a quick and easy-to-use test that can be used to detect food fraud or unintentional adulteration in food samples.

In food industry, fat based product/food is universally containing 4 – 80% of animal fat. Moreover, production of oils and fats totaled 196 million metric tons in 2014 and Asia accounts for about 54% of world fats and oils production in 2015. From 196 million metric tons of fat and oils production, lard (pork oil) accounts for approximately 8.3 million metric tons and animal oil accounts for about 66.8 million metric tons which is 3% and 42% of the total production respectively. Therefore, it increases the probability of lard adulteration in the fat based product. For these reasons, effective analytical methods for detecting food adulteration are crucial for law enforcement and consumer protection.

Key Features

  • Rapid screening to detect presence of pork on-the-spot.
  • Quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective without expensive tools.

Reagents and Materials Supplied

  1. PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Fat cassette (20 pieces packed in individually sealed aluminum pouch).
  2. 2 bottles of test buffer.
  3. 20 pieces of disposable collection tube.
  4. 20 pieces of disposable pipette.
  5. 1 copy of instruction manual (product insert).

Detection Limit

The test can detect approximately 1-2 % (w/w) pork fat in fat based sample. The test is able to detect as low as 1 mg of pork fat in 1 ml of test buffer.

Example of Commodities Tested

Animal Fat
Beef fat
Chicken fat
Yogurt drink

Storage & Stability

  • Store at 4-28 ºC, do not freeze.
  • Keep the test device sealed until used.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Pack Size
RHAL01-03-020 PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Fat 20 tests/ kit

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