HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test


1 Pork meat may lead to allergy and food intolerance.
2 Consumption and handling of pork is strictly restricted by some religions, such as Islam and  Judaism.



Consumers should be mindful of every aspect of their food, including the ingredients, processing and handling. Therefore, a fast, easy and effective method for detecting pork in food is essential in order to avoid fraudulent or unintentional adulteration of food.


HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test from 7FoodPillars is a rapid, on-the-spot screening dipstick test to screen pork residues in food samples as fast as 10-20 minutes.

There are four types of strip tests available, designed for different food matrices:

RawMeat_icon ProcessedMeat_icon Gelatin_icon SurfaceSwab_icon
Raw Meat Processed Meat / Canned Food Gelatin Surface Swab


Accurate Fast Easytouse VisibleResult
Accurate Fast Easy to Use Visible Result
Result within 10-20 minutes Simple protocol, can be operated by non-technical users If two red lines appear at the strip, food sample is contaminated with pork
Onthespot Travelfriendly ISO17025
On-the-spot Travel Friendly Validated by ISO17025 Accredited
Immediate screening anytime, anywhere 1 test strip per pack, light and easy to keep and carry Performance of the test strips were validated by ISO17025 accredited laboratory


Test Procedure
TestProcedur_1 TestProcedur_2 TestProcedur_3 TestProcedur_4


Interpretation Of The Results

Interpretation Of The Results



1 Increase confidence level in
daily food preparation before
2 Avoid unintentional pork
traces in food to be served to
the family
3 Protect family from taking
HARAM ingredient in their


Ordering Information

Product Code Description Packing size
RHT01-01-001 HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test – Raw Meat 1 test/ kit
RHT01-02-001 HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test – Processed Meat/Canned Food 1 test/ kit
RHT01-03-001 HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test – Gelatin 1 test/ kit
RHT01-04-001 HALTEST Pork Dipstick Test –Surface Swab 1 test/ kit


Result from the test is only for personal use and not for distribution or media viral. This test is used for the purpose of screening. Kindly refer to the accredited laboratories and the authoritative agencies for further action. Our company is not liable or bound to the abuse of the test result.

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