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7FoodPillars PorcineTrace Food DNA Extraction Kit


7FoodPillars PorcineTrace Food DNA Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA from up to 100mg of raw or processed food from plant, animal or mixed origins. This kit uses a specially-treated glass filter membrane fixed into a column to efficiently bind DNA in the presence of high salt. The kit applies the principle of a mini-column spin technology and the use of optimized buffers to ensure that only DNA is isolated while proteins and other impurities, additives, preservatives are removed during the subsequent washing steps. High purity genomic DNA is then eluted in water or low salt buffers, ready to use in many routine molecular biology applications such as PCR and restriction enzyme digestion. This kit is suitable for use in GMO testing and has been tested on various raw samples such as soybean, maize and processed foods (soy flour, soymilk, soy sauce, sausage, meat, cereal meal, and cocoa).

Product 5 Preps 50 Preps 100 Preps
Catalog No. DHAL01-005/ CPHAL01-005/ CPHAL01-005 DHAL01-050/ CPAL01-050/ CQHAL01-050 DHAL01-100/ CPHAL01-100/ CQHAL01-100
Columns 5 50 100
Collection tubes 5 50 100
Food Lysis Buffer (Buffer FL) 5ml 50ml 90ml
Food DNA Binding Buffer (Buffer FB) 4ml 40ml 80ml
Wash Buffer 1 (concentrate)* 1.5ml 14ml 30ml
Wash Buffer 2 (concentrate)* 2.4ml 17ml 34ml
Elution Buffer 1.5ml 10ml 20ml
Proteinase K* 0.11ml 1.05ml 2 X1.05ml
Handbook 1 1 1

Storage and Stability

Store all solution at 20°C-30°C. Store Proteinase K at room temperature for 1 year and -20°C for longer shelf life up to 18 months.

Kit components are guaranteed to be stable for 18 months from the date of manufacture.

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