A worker arranges imported frozen meat at a shop in Ipoh December 28, 2020. — Picture by Farhan Najib (Source: Malay Mail)

Allegations of a giant network selling imported meat passed off as halal with the help of corrupt government officials from multiple agencies triggered widespread alarm in Muslim-majority Malaysia since end of year 2020.

As reported by New Straits Times, the cartel obtains meat from countries such as Canada, Colombia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Spain, and Mexico. The produce comes from non-certified manufacturers. News reports emerged that the meats sourced from abroad may have included kangaroo, horse and even pork and that the practice had been going on for years, with some even claiming as long as four decades.

The reliable Halal food analysis is critical for manufacturers, certification bodies and regulators to help ensuring every aspect of food, including ingredients, processing and handling is in accordance to Halal requirement. PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kits from 7FoodPillars are designed for fast screening of pork in raw meat, processed meat/canned food, fat/oil, gelatin, blood and blood derivatives as well as surface swab, prior sending samples to the laboratory for confirmation tests.

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