7FoodPillars’ Italy Distributor Organised CIBUS TEC Expo

On the 22nd October – 25th October 2019, 7FoodPillars’ Italy distributor organised the CIBUS TEC expo in Parma, Italy. CIBUS TEC is a food technology exhibition that shapes the future of the food and beverage industry due to innovative products by the exhibitors.

It covers different aspects of the food and beverage industry such as ingredients, food packaging, and food processing technologies. This exhibition is able to provide a platform for our products to be displayed alongside other innovative products.

After the exhibition, visitors were impressed with our halal detection kits such as PorcineTrace Detection kit. This was able to attract new clients as they were amazed with the availability of the detection kits in the form of PCR, Real-time PCR, and rapid test. This availability ensures accurate results due to its high specificity and sensitivity and our clients will be able to rely on the results.

The halal detection kits are also suitable for potential clients that are involved in the halal industry. This will help in marketing our products on international levels, while ensuring our clients’ food safety.

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